Tango Mystery

Trabajo de Producción Audiovisual, Dirección & Edición

Cam 1. Grúa Pombo
Cam 2. Eduardo Turri
Cam 3. Lautaro Guillamondegui

Dirección Audiovisual: Alejandro Diez

Tango Mystery is the new tango company with Sexteto Mayor Orchestra. Dreamed and created in 2015 it has became the most waited release in 2016. Renowned argentinian dancers and the special and unique Sexteto Mayor´s sound makes up an exquisite show that embraces the very essence of tango.
Creography and Staging: Marcelo Bernadaz
Musical direction: Horacio Romo
Artistic production: Eleonora Barletta
Executive production: Hernán Barletta


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